Sunday, March 31, 2013

VKLOIDs Costume Project!

vkunicorn, the founder of the VKLOIDs, is now currently working on a VKLOIDs Costume Project! Using knowledge of sewing and fashion design, vkunicorn is going to be designing some of the VKLOIDs official outfits.

If you are a VKLOID owner and would like to assist vkunicorn or add a costume to her queue, please contact her!

(Note from vkunicorn: MUAHAHAHA I am qualified, don't worry, I have taken a fashion course and will have the assistance of my teacher.)

These costumes are going to be used for Halloween, cons, and maybe even just going out. Every costume will come with your VKLOID's number embroidered on the back. Fabric, sequins, ribbons, lace, etc. must be provided! vkunicorn needs certain measurements to make the pattern. If you do not own a tape measure, contact vkunicorn and she will gladly lend you one for free. (Maybe.)

Contact vkunicorn about shopping for materials. Give her a base of what you want, and she will estimate the final cost for you. Also, vkunicorn has coupon codes, knowledge of good prices, and also can help you find the cheapest materials!

Why pay $200 to buy a costume online? All VKLOID costumes cost approximately $35, depending on what you want.

*International VKLOIDs! You will have to pay for shipping, I am sorry!

Contact Information: <-------your best bet

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